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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Everyone has a chance to be someone
reachin’ for that distance… dreams are never too far…
Through times are hard, you still fight
Until you get to where you wanna be..

Re Chorus

Woh oh woh oh. you keep trying so hard…
‘Cause you know it from the start
That you’d make it through it all


Dreams are there for you to make it
Never stop believing
‘Cause you can make it… keep on dreaming
it will take you to a place that you haven’t been
You’ll see it happen in your eyes
It’s the power of the dream

Never let anyone to turn you down
You can make it happen
Find the strength in your heart
I now it’s tough
But you’ve gt more than enough
to make it through
You’ll get to where you wanna be

(Repeat Pre Chorus and Chorus)


You know you’re gonna make it through it all
Don’t you ever let go.

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