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Friday, October 26, 2007

Addiction is a state of physiological or psychological dependence on a potentially harmful drug. The problem with drugs and alcohol is that it alters the way people see the world around them. Drugs and alcohol make people feel as if their pain is gone, their emotional problems have ceased, and they are no longer living in the world that hurt them so much. People feel numb when they are abusing alcohol and drugs. These are the reasons why some people chose to become an addict or drug dependent. They want to forget their problems for the mean time. They might be a close friend of yours, a neighbor, or a family member. As a concerned individual, you will not let their situation end up in jail, institution, or death. 4rehabilitation.com is dedicated in serving addicts and in helping them cope with their difficult situation. The aim of 4rehabilitation.com is to treat drug addiction and to give addicts a long-term peace of mind. 4rehabilitation.com created a process for stopping addiction. The first step is admittance. Though it is difficult, it is important for an addict to admit that they have an addiction. The second step is identifying the problem or trauma that led them to addiction. This may be a series of life failures and regrets they likely incurred as a result of their addiction. Next is the intervention. It includes drug rehab or treatment that should be agreed by the addict. If the addict does not accept help or is not ready to agree treatment, the next step will be to stop the enabling behaviors. In this step, you will need to ask the addict to leave and provide no money, no place to stay, and no emotional support until the addict accepts the treatment. Though this process is a long and tedious task, the most important is for the family members of the addict to give love and care. It is important for the addicts to feel that there are people who are willing to support them in their undertakings in life.

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