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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Romaclick.com is a website that features Rome hotels and Rome accommodation personally chosen by a couple of real experts in leisure travel in Italy, Mauro and Paola. They live in Roma so they do know what they are talking about. Some of the places that make Rome the eternal city are Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Trastevere, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Vatican. According to Mauro and Paola, here is where their hotels are. All centrally located, their hotels in Rome have been accurately selected by Romaclick.com following one single criteria: quality. They also ensure that all of their Rome accommodation, Inns and Bed & Breakfast are fully equipped with private bathroom, air-conditioning, and TVC. Unless you have something specific in mind, booking one of the hundred hotels in Rome could become a tough business. Why don’t you let Mauro and Paola, the specialists of Rome hotels, do the nasty job for you. Actually, they have got an even better solution. Are you a “I wanna do it myself” person? Go ahead: Roma Click is so user friendly and so organized that you will find it super easy and fun to browse. They selected the most interesting locations in Rome where they, as real Romans would like to stay, and pointed out a number of hotels that have different prices and amenities to satisfy even the pickiest of customers.

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