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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

About The Site:
Welcome to my personal blog. GUrbi.blogspot.com started last August 2006 hoping that I will succeed in selling items from Amazon through this blog and getting some commission out of it. However, it failed because of tight competition or maybe because I really just don’t understand what e-marketing is all about. After some time, this blog was recognized because of Super Inggo, a popular television series in the Philippines during that time. Occasionally, I post articles about technology and believe it or not, my blog ranked number 1 in Yahoo when searching for the Yahoo Messenger Virus. It triggered me to find out what Search Engine Optimization is all about by reading blogs about SEO. Weekly, I post some musings and ramblings about my life until I thought of posting song lyrics to increase my traffic. My blog has gone through many changes and today, I enjoy hundreds or thousands of pageviews a day though my real goal is to have 10,000+ daily pageviews and to generate $100.00 monthly.

Brag Away:
GUrbi – Philippine Blog Awards ‘07 Nominee

...I found out through [retzworx.com] that my blog – GUrbi.blogspot.com has been nominated as the Best Personal Blog for Philippine Blog Awards ’07...
GUrbi – 2nd Place Filipino Blog of the Week
...I received an e-mail saying that my blog won 2nd place in the Filipino Blog of the Week (Week 37)...
Lost Naruto Shippuuden Anime Episode 8-9 Traffic
...But, I am also glad that Gurbi got part of the traffic that I was enjoying before. Just take a look at the stats of Gurbi’s blog. It’s an amazing success that Gurbi got... - SELaplana
Make Money Online - Batch 6
...Meet Garry or Gurbi a computer science student, a programmer, a novice illustrator, a webmaster, and a ProBlogger (Wow, he really knows a lot of things!)... - Carl Ocab

Email from a Regular Listener:
i really love the songs....congrats...sana magkaroon pa kayo ng mas marami pang kanta na nakaka inspire...godbless and more power...(",) - Joan Singson of markoy_16@yahoo.com.ph

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