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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Thoughts.com is one of the fastest growing communities in the internet. Not only it is the place where you can read articles, hear podcasts or see pictures and videos but, it is also a place where you can share your own. And the good news is – it’s absolutely free. Yes, you can create your Free Blogs at thoughts.com. What is blog by the way? Well, blogging is a new form of self expression for the 21st century. You do not have to have enough knowledge in html to make blogging as simple as possible. All you need to have is your writing prowess or your pictures or videos to share your thoughts to the community. And oh, don’t worry about your readers because surely thousands of readers will come across your blog. And these readers are also members of thoughts.com, they read your posts, rate it, make a comment, and tada. What’s more, thoughts.com is also taking you to a vacation for free! If you are the type of person who actively participates in their community, always sharing your thoughts and commenting on others posts, you will have a chance to be one of the lucky members who can win a free trip abroad. What are you waiting for? Join http://www.thoughts.com/free-blog now!

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