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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Director of Digital Engagement role requires the successful candidate to develop strategies to communicate with people on popular internet sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and Twitter.

The Senior Civil Service position has a starting salary of £120,000 plus 30 days annual holiday but could rise to £160,000 - more than the Chief Whip, Cabinet Minister and Lord Chancellor get before allowances.

Susie Squire, the TaxPayers' Alliance campaign manager, said: "The Government should not be spending money on a Twittercrat during a recession.

"The public sector should be tightening its belt during times of economic hardship, not wasting tens of thousands of pounds on what seems like a PR stunt to boosts its image."

Conservative Shadow Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude said: "Hard pressed families struggling as the recession bites will find it hard to understand how Labour can so freely spend their money on peddling their own propaganda."

The job advertisement comes as new guidance from the information Commissioner's Office said senior public officials' salary bands should be publicly available as a matter of routine.

Gerrard Tracey, Assistant Information Commissioner, said: "Those who are paid from the public purse should expect information on their salaries to be made public."


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