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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Episode Guide:
In this episode of Sexy Voice and Robo, Nico Hayashi (Suzuka Ohgo) speaks her mind about her boring life at home and at school. She participates in Enjo Kosai (supported dating) by changing her voice to manipulate men over the phone although her parents are against this kind of activity because she’s only 14 years old. She met Iichiro Sudo (Kenichi Matsuyama) who has an obsession with Max Robo. He has a large collection of toy robots and his actions are like young child imitating Max Robo’s power and attacks. Because of this, Nico called him "Robo." He also has a crush on Nico Hayashi’s elder sister. In this episode, Nico met a nice guy named Mikkabouzu whose memory lasts for only three days. He keeps old scraps and a notebook about “Things I Do not Want to Forget” for him to remember his past. This made Nico pity Mikkabouzu. Unknown to Nico, Mikkabouzu is a killer and member of a notorious group. Somebody asked Mikkabouzu to kill an aged woman and soon Nico discovered the past of Mikkabouzu. With the help of Robo, Nico hindered the plan of Mikkabouzu and they have encouraged him to change. In a note, Mikkabouzu wrote “You are free!” Somebody from the notorious group put Mikkabouzu into death because he was not able to kill the aged woman. It made Nico and Robo sad because Mikkabouzu was a good person.

Quotable quote:
You can see an unexpected tomorrow
The day after tomorrow... ten years into the future
In the form of discarded shirts
In the form of lefover bread

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