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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Episode Guide:
The theme of this episode is about love. Robo (Kenichi Matsuyama) is supposed to date Kasumi-chan, the sister of Nico Hayashi (Suzuka Ohgo) but everything got worst when Goutu came. Goutu which literally means “robber” used Robo and Nico to escape from the police and to find her girlfriend named Suzu-chan. Instead of surrendering Gouto to the police, Robo and Nico helped Gouto in finding his girlfriend after realizing that Gouto is a nice person. In their journey, they will meet Yocchan who was asked by the aged woman to get the Buddhist statue worth two hundred million yen. If you can still remember, Robo and Nico helped the aged woman from being killed by Mikkabouzu in the first episode. The part which made me laugh is when the Buddhist statue of Yocchan, the bread of Gouto and the human leg of someone were accidentally swapped by their owners adding another problem in this episode. At last, Gouto arrived in the house of Kyouko-san. He confessed that Kyouko-san’s kidney was donated by his girlfriend, Suzu-chan after dying from an accident. The reason for his arrival is to ask forgiveness to his girlfriend, Suzu-chan through Kyouko because he has never been good to her. Nico used her talent of changing her voice to call Gouto and pretend that she is her girlfriend saying that she has already forgiven him. She added, “Be like Mount Fuji and become a properly kind person.” After this, Gouto was relieved and finally he submitted himself to the police.

Quotable quotes:
Why do people like big stories about love?
If you're not in love, they don't consider you people
– Nico Hayashi

In this world you can reclaim an organ
But there are some things you can never regain
– Robo

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