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Monday, March 23, 2009

Robert Pattinson looks dreamy and smolderingly sexy on the cover of GQ Magazine and on the set of his upcoming film New Moon. His brief trip into Hollywood for the Academy Awards sent sweethearts like Natalie Portman swooning (at least according to an E! Online report) and reports of many other women desperately seeking Robert Pattinson. So who is the chief critic of Rob? It appears he is pretty hard on himself.According to this week's In Touch, on the commentary track to the Twilight DVD (big splash release on Friday night at midnight) Pattinson rips on his looks. A story titled "Robert Thinks He's Ugly" is based on the DVD commentary from Pattinson and he makes comments such as, "Sometimes I think I look as if I've had facial reconstructive surgery. After burns or something. My whole head looks like it's had a face lift. A really bad one!" He also says he has a "butt chin."
In Touch examines a bit deeper and asks why is the actor being so self-deprecating? "He may be insecure and doubting himself," the magazine cites Dr. Cynthia Cardinal (who the report notes has not treated robe) for the quote and she tells the weekly celebrity magazine, "Just because you're loved by millions doesn't mean you can love yourself."

Another possible reason cited in the article, a touch of humility. "Also humbling himself makes him more lovable - he doesn't want to come off as snobby." Pattinson seems far from that. Is he being too tough on himself, or is he just this humble?

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