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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

“Twilight” stars Nikki Reed and Rachelle Lefevre paid a visit to Access Hollywood, where the stars dished on their male co-stars.

“Quite frankly, I’m tired of being asked about Rob (Pattinson),” Reed joked.

According to the British-born heartthrob’s co-stars, there is a side of the actor that the public rarely hears about.
“He’s really talented, he’s really smart, he’s really musical, he’s an intellectual, he reads,” Reed said. “That’s the side that I wish people would (ask about). I don’t know if anyone necessarily even knows him … that side of him.”

Lefevre agreed, saying Pattinson’s new superstar status hasn’t affected how any of his fellow “Twilight” co-stars treat him.

“We got to know him in a different environment,” she explained. “I don’t feel any differently about Rob than I do about the rest of the cast.”

Except for maybe Taylor Lautner, who they both admitted to being “in love” with — at least when it comes to his acting chops and career tenacity.

“Taylor’s my fave!” Reed exclaimed when the topic turned to their co-star who worked hard — packing on pounds of new muscle — to reprise his role of werewolf Jacob Black.

“I already adopted him, back off!” Lefevre playfully snapped.

New ripped body aside, Lautner’s co-stars said they admire him for his drive and passion for the project.

“His commitment is unbelievable,” Lefevre said.

“I would’ve ran away … I would’ve been terrified. He had to screen test again,” Reed said of Taylor’s struggle to keep his role in “New Moon.”

“He’s such a man,” Lefevre noted. “He was so grounded, he had so much grace.”

And when it comes to reports of romances brewing between fellow “Twilight” cast members, Reed and Lefevre said it’s all just gossip.

“We’re such a scandal-free, uninteresting cast,” Lefevre said.

“Which is pretty amazing because there are so many of us,” Reed added.

“New Moon,” with newly cast co-star Dakota Fanning, is slated for a Nov. 20 release date.


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