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Friday, December 01, 2006

Lake Highland Prep in Orlando, Florida will be celebrating Computer Science Education on December 8, the day before Grace Hopper’s birthday. Grace Murray Hopper was born on November 9, 1906 in New York City. Grace graduates from Vassar with a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics and physics on 1928 and received a PH.D in Mathematics from Yale University. She worked in WAVES, a branch of the U.S. Naval Reserve and developed the first computer compiler called the A-o System. 1991, Grace receives the National Medal of Technology which is the United States's highest honor in engineering and technology. She is the first woman recoginzied with the award. On New Year's Day of 1992, Grace suffers a heart attack in her sleep and passes away at 86 years old.

Lake Highland Prep is encouraging schools around the world to celebrate the heritage and power of Computer Science Education on December 8 with activities like:

  • Poster contest
  • Fastest to debug a program
  • Guest speakers from the Computer Science Field
  • Essay contest about the life of Grace Hopper
  • Recognize an accomplished school alumnus working in CS with a press release and certificate
  • Invite past students in to "tell it like it is" about CS careers or college
  • Collaborate with the lunchroom to rename the items of each day's menu to some clever computer related term. For example: just for fun infinite loop spaghetti or Grace Hopper Pie

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