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Friday, March 16, 2007

I started using cell phone when I was in Grade 6. My first cell phone was Nokia 3210, the latest cell phone during that time. Every year, I buy new cell phone and my latest was Sony Ericsson K608i. However, cell phones are getting more expensive as their features become more exciting that’s why I cannot afford to buy a new one. Good thing there’s a website like wirefly.com that let’s you choose cell phones for free depending on the service plans from different carriers. The cell phones are from Inphonic, a growing wireless company that handles retail websites like Wirefly.com, A1Wireless.com, and VMCSatellite.com. But what are the benefits of buying handsets from the web instead of buying handsets from retail store? The answer is affordability. You can choose from different monthly plans that suit your budget and your phone is absolutely free. Economically, this is better compared to buying handsets in retail store. Aside from this, buying cell phone from retail web sites like wirefly, a1wireless, and vmcsatellite can assure you of cell phone warranty unlike buying cell phone from retail store. Did you know that I was once a victim of a damaged phone that I bought from Green Hills? Because of this, I believe that more and more people will buy cell phones online but only one company will bring you the best offer – the InPhonic.

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