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Thursday, March 29, 2007

www.us-troops.info/ is looking for soldiers who can share their experiences. I searched for military blogs in the internet and I was surprised to find out that even soldiers have their own blog. Sean Dustman, a Corpsman with a Marine Helo Squadron that just returned from Iraq to South California is blogging about his experiences. Sean is also a mechanic, cook, remodeler of homes, photographer, fixer, and the best of all – he’s a blogger. Like me, his blog, docinthebox.blogspot.com is hosted by blogger. According to his bio, he started reading blog in early 2003 and peer pressure sank in to open up his own blog. He takes great pride in the amount of information he has been able to put out without having to pay a cent and considers his blogs politically neutral and pro-military. He is also an award winner of the 2006 Milbloggies for the Navy.

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