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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My classmate, Marco bought a reconditioned Motorola RAZR in Green Hills. After trying the phone at home, he noticed that the battery charge drained fast. He thought that the battery was the only problem but after buying a new battery, he realized that the problem was the phone itself. Yesterday, he told me that he read my article about free Cell Phones and asked me about it. I told him that buying cell phone in trusted on-line market like www.wirefly.com is better compared to buying cell phone in retail stores. Wirefly is the largest seller of cell phones in the internet. It is the best website for comparing wireless carriers and phones. Did I tell you that cell phones offered by Wirefly are absolutely free? Yes, they’re absolutely free. Some of the top free phones offered by Wirefly are Cingular Red RAZR, Verizon Silver RAZR, Cingular KRZR, Sony w300i Walkman, Sprint Gray RAZR, Cingular Pink RAZR, T-Mobile RAZR V3t, Nextel Motorola i850, Black Sprint Katana, and Samsung T629. All you have to pay is the service plan offered by different carriers. Aside from that, Wirefly also offers free 2-day delivery via FedEx for all phones and accessories ordered with an individual new line of service. After hearing all these, he was dismayed for spending and losing his bucks buying the reconditioned phone from a retail store. He should have saved his money if he bought the phone at www.wirefly.com.

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