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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Directed by Kim Jin Min, Au Revoir! UFO is a simple and touching romantic comedy that builds on the charm and chemistry of its two leads. Released in 2004, the film stars top actor Lee Bum Soo (City of Violence) and the late Lee Eun Joo. While some yearn for passion and excitement, simple-minded bus driver Sang Hyun (Lee Bum Soo) is overly shy and socially awkward. Working the night shift in the outskirts of Seoul, unpretentious Sang Hyun enjoys listening to old records and occasionally playing DJ. He has long admired Kyong Wu (Lee Eun Joo), a young blind woman who frequently rides his bus and likes to talk about UFOs. Kyong Wu just recently ended an unpleasant relationship, and is ready to start anew. For these two strangers on a night bus, romance begins with a gentle conversation. Read More...

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