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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Upright, kind-hearted, and persistent to a fault, naval captain Kang Suk Min (Kwon Sang Woo) is dedicated to his duties and extremely protective of his sister Soo Jin (Kim Jung Hwa), whom he raised single-handedly. When Soo Jin gets appendicitis, he rushes her to the hospital and raises a ruckus to get his sister medical attention. That's how he meets and falls in love with doctor Jung Hye Rin (Myung Se Bin). Still mourning over her late fiance, Hye Rin is not interested in starting a new relationship, and initially feels rather put off by Suk Min's forwardness. As time passes, however, she slowly warms up to Suk Min, much to the frustration of doctor Lee Seung Ha (Jung Sung Hwan), who also likes Hye Rin. Trying to keep them apart, Seung Ha reveals to Hye Rin that Suk Min was actually involved in the accident that led to her fiance's death. Read More...

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