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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Jeong Yun Cheol's "Muhammad, The Hermit King" follows a former Thai diving champion now working illegally at a dangerous chemical factory in Korea. Kim Hyeon Pil's "The Girl Bitten By Mosquito" revolves around an orphan teenage girl struggling to pay the bills and support the household. Noh Dong Seok's "A Tough Life" addresses racial prejudice with the story of a young Korean man who brings home a girlfriend of African descent. Lee Mi Yeon's "GaP" humorously pokes fun at unequal labor roles between men and women in marriages. Hong Gi Seon's "An Ephemeral Life" chronicles the frustrated struggle of a contract worker to get time off to see his hospitalized mother. Kim Gok and Kim Sun's "Bomb! Bomb! Bomb!" reflects on the blooming friendship between two teens, one of whom is constantly harassed and ostracized for being gay. Read More...

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