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Friday, September 29, 2006

Comfortable, familiar, sophisticated. Just like millions of other Koreans, Se Jin (Ko So Young) lives in an apartment complex, but she's forced by loneliness to spend endless nights staring out the window. That's when she discovers something peculiar: the apartment complex next door turns off the lights every evening at 9:56 PM. It never skips a day, like a perfect Swiss clock. Even more shocking, it turns out that everyday a new life is consumed, a new murder committed in that strange apartment next door.

Traditional horror is a dying genre in Korean Cinema, with more and more first time directors testing the industry's waters through stylish quasi-horror films, which represent little more than a quick proving ground for future, more ambitious projects. But there's someone who respects tradition, and continues to shoot good old horror films: Ahn Byung Ki. The man behind Nightmare, Phone, and Bunshinsaba has returned after a long hiatus with his latest entry in the horror field, this time casting a superstar in the leading role. Ko So Young's last film was the 2003 political thriller Double Agent with Han Suk Kyu. This is her first time starring in a horror film, after spending most of her career between popular TV dramas and big screen melodramas. After its successful threatrical run in Korea, Apartment arrives on DVD to thrill international audiences. Just remember to keep your lights on, at least until 9:56 PM!

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