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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Tired of long-haired ghosts in white robes coming out of TVs? Then To Sir With Love is probably your answer. Director Im Dae Woong brings a refreshing new lift to the horror genre with this entertaining teen slasher flick. Composed of talented young actors like Yeo Hyun Soo (Holiday, Bungee Jumping of Their Own), Lee Dong Kyu (Wild Card, Some), and Park Hyo Joon (Princess Aurora), To Sir With Love also marks the big screen return of Lee Ji Hyun (Boss X File). The impressive ensemble cast might not bring much "love", but they deliver plenty of gory scares and piercing surprises.

A group of elementary school classmates get together to visit their former teacher Ms. Park (Oh Mi Hee - All For Love), who moved to the countryside after retirement. Sixteen years have passed, but the schooltime memories are still vivid for all involved because of the terrible things she did to her students. Some of them are left with psychological trauma and even physical impediments from her harsh treatment. Ms. Park, of course, remembers things a little differently. With the students determined for revenge, this school reunion is anything but typical, and the teacher-student relationship gains a new and very striking meaning.

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