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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Korea's latest horror film Arang is loosely based on Arang Tale, a famous folk tale in which the ghost of a minister's daughter solicits a governor to help her settle her grudge. Ahn Sang Hoon, assistant director of ...ing and director of the 2004 short "Pass Over", has been busily preparing Arang (previously titled Line), his feature debut, for the last few years. His efforts have produced an eerie, interesting film that transcends the typical summer horror flick by focusing on characters and personal horrors rather than predictable thrill elements.Arang starts out with the usual duo of detectives. Song Yoon Ah (Hotelier and Lost in Love) is So Young, a seasoned veteran who just returned from suspension, while rookie Hyun Gi is played by My Girl's Lee Dong Wook in his film debut. Investigating a serial killer case, the two find clues leading them to a young girl violently murdered in a rural village ten years earlier. Plagued by external and internal ghosts, the detectives must unravel the disturbing mystery.

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