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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Miley Cyrus was spotted arriving for a Pilates class in Toluca Lake, California yesterday Friday (January 16).Accompanied by her half-sister, Brandi Cyrus, the "Hannah Montana" starlet appeared to have just gotten out of bed - still wet from her morning shower.

Meanwhile, Miley's getting ready to team up with the Jonas Brothers to perform on the eve of President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration at a concert for children.

According to recent press reports, the "Kids' Inaugural: We Are the Future" concert honoring military families airs on Monday night, Jan. 19, on the Disney Channel.

"We are bringing these exciting performances into the homes of millions of Americans to make this the most open and accessible inauguration celebration ever," Emmett Beliveau, executive director of the inaugural committee, said in announcing the lineup.

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