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Friday, January 23, 2009

Tmsuk Co developed its T-34 robot in conjunction with security firm Alacom Co and aims to develop squads of robots that will be able to keep an artificial eye on office buildings and industrial complexes.

In the future, versions may also be developed to be used in homes, according to company spokeswoman Mariko Ishikawa.

"We have basically designed the robot for corporate use and we expect private security companies to buy them instead of using human guards, but there will also be those tailored for use in homes," she said.

Moving on four wheels at a speed of 10 kmh, the robot is guided by a controller who sees real-time images of its location through video link to a security centre or even a mobile phone.

Sensors in the 60-cm tall android, which weighs 12kg, can detect changes in temperature due to body heat, as well as pick up even faint sounds.

The T-34 is an upgraded version of Tmsuk's earlier security robot, the T7S, which came in the shape of a Triceratops dinosaur and had cameras in its eyes. The company produces a range of 30 machines, designed to do everything from the housework to act as a receptionist or in a hospital.

The new security android packs a stronger punch than its predecessor and can fire a net designed to entangle robbers until human reinforcements arrive.

Tmsuk believes the android could be on the market in a couple of years and will cost up to Y800,000 (£6,514).


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