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Sunday, January 25, 2009

This is the upgraded version of the award-winning EeePC901 netbook which brought portability at lower prices. As you would expect, at almost double the price, it is thinner, lighter (1kg) and offers good resolution, more memory and applications. The keys are well space but the only drawback is the heavywight battery charger, but with a battery life of five hours maybe this can go in the hold.

Worried that your indiscretion might find their way on to Youtube? Well, this the latest in the Flip series of pocket camcorders makes it even easier. Weighing little more than a chocolate bar and measuring just 10cmx5cmx1.6cm, it can store an hour of reasonable quality footage which can be uploaded almost instantaneously. Although the performance is poor in low-light.

With news that a laptop goes missing every 50 seconds at US airports, you may want to back up your files on this sleek data vault - which at 60GB dwarfs the other memory sticks on the market. It is seriously pricey though but perhaps that is the price you pay for your conscience.


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