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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ali Moeen Nawazish also took another two AS-levels, General Studies and English Language, and achieved the top mark in them as well.

Ali, 18, said of taking the exams: "I didn't find it particularly stressful. I enjoyed it. I've a thirst for knowledge.

"Some of subjects were trickier than others - such as psychology.

"I only began studying for the subject three days before the exam so there was a lot to get in. I was pleased to get an A.

"Physics, maths and computing are my real strong point."

He has since started a degree in computer science at Trinity Hall, Cambridge.

He took them at Roots High School in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. All the exams he sat were accredited with either Edexcel or Cambridge International Examinations.

The only subjects in which he dropped grades were Chemistry (B) and General Further Mathematics (C).

Despite his self-imposed workload he found time to play guitar, hold the role of president of his music club, edit his school newspaper and attend a leadership conference at Harvard University, America.

Dr Nick Bampos, a senior tutor at Cambridge University, said: "When we first interviewed him we thought, 'This can't be right'.

"But not only is he really bright, he is really charming.

"We've never heard of any applicant with anywhere near as many A-Levels. It's enormously impressive.

"However, it isn't necessary to get that many A-Levels to get into Cambridge."


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