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Monday, October 23, 2006

The much awaited movie of the month: The Grudge 2. This is the fifth time I watched the Grudge. The first three films were Japanese and the last two were American remakes. Of all the Grudge movies, the latest remake is the best. The Grudge 2 remake is far different from the original version; nevertheless, it made me feel so much excited. The movie begins with three teenage girls studying in a certain Japanese school who went to the house where the family of the grudge lives.

Soon, they find their selves involved in the curse and they were being hunted by the grudge. The movie is very detailed compared to the Japanese version. Sarah Michelle Gellar, the main character on “The Grudge 1” was brought to a mental hospital after having a contact with the grudge. Her sister, Amber Tamblyn followed her on “The Grudge 2” only to see her dead after falling from the building where she was confined. There was a part in the movie similar to the film “Shutter” where a photographer, Edison Chen investigates about the house of the grudge and one night, while studying the pictures on the dark room, the sink turned black and the grudge came out from the water. He died after seeing the woman. In the end, all characters died including the three teenage girls and those persons close to them.

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