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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Winner of the 2005 Baeksang Awards for Best Producer (Kim Jong Chang) and Best Actress in a TV Drama - Choi Jin-Shil

Choi Jin-Shil stars in this touching, emotional drama that shows it is never too late to start livng the life you want. Maeng Sun-Yi (Choi) has sacrificed everything in her life for the sake of others. She missed out on her youth because she was too busy taking care of her father, after her mother abandoned them years ago. Sun-Yi gave up on her own education so that she could earn the money to pay for her younger siblings' tuition. Her husband Ban Sung-Moon (Son Hyun-Ju) falls in love with another woman and demands a divorce, but then rethinks his actions when Sun-Yi is diagnosed with cancer.

My Rosy Life is an epic journey of one woman's sacrifice and eventual realization that life is for living. Abandoned by everyone around her, all those who she has worked so hard to make happy her entire life, Sun-Yi may finally learn to be a little selfish and finally find some true happiness.

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