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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


The unlocked PalmOne Treo 650 boasts all the legendary features of the venerable Treo 600, plus a whole lot more. Now with Bluetooth, a higher resolution screen, a removable battery, and an improved keyboard, the Treo 650 is once again on the cutting edge of Smartphone technology. It offers all the functionality of a high-end Palm OS-powered PDA, a cell phone and a VGA camera. Simply put, it's the ultimate mobile office companion.

Product Features
  • Unlocked for use with your existing GSM 850 MHz, GSM 1800 MHz, GSM 900 MHz or GSM 1900 MHz service provider and SIM card. Note: This phone does not come with service or a SIM card.
  • Fully integrated phone and PDA with digital video and VGA camera capabilities
  • Integrated Bluetooth technology and expansion card slot for SD and MMC-based memory and expansion cards
  • Vibrant 320 x 320 touchscreen display
  • Improved backlit QWERTY keyboard

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