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Friday, October 27, 2006

While browsing blogs in the internet, I noticed a blogsite entitled “Walang Ganyan Sa States” which, according to the owner’s post, was inspired by a TV Commercial here in the Philippines. Abner M. Hornedo created the blog to show the "other side" of this country, things that can only or commonly be found here. Some may be good and most of them will be the bad.

A post entitled “Our Church Infiltrated by Devils” contains his observations about what is happening around while hearing the mass inside the church where he belongs. The following are his observations:

Only in the Philippines can you see…

  • Old women PRAYING THE ROSARY DURING the Mass
  • Some people EATING POPCORN WITH THEIR FEETS RAISED ON THE PEWS while the priest is giving a sermon
  • SENDING OR READING TEXT MESSAGES while the mass is going on
  • LOUD RINGTONES AND MESSAGE ALERT TONES coming from mobile phones while inside the church
  • Some church goers GOSSIPING, HECKLING, LAUGHING while inside the church not mindful of the others who are praying fervently
  • ATTENDING MASS IN THEIR "PUNK" (complete with dangling chains and spiked hairstyles!) or "HIP-HOP" ATTIRES only to scout for girls
  • Women attending mass with their BOSSOMS READY TO POP OUT ANYTIME
  • Many churchgoers STANDING NEAR THE CHURCH'S EXIT even if there are many vacant seats

In my reply, I reminded him that what he observed is only happening in the Church Organization where he belongs. I told him that only in the Philippines can you see a very well organized Church of Christ where members all around the world are obeying what is written in 1 Corinthian 14:40:
“But everything should be done in a way that is right and orderly.”

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