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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

In today's age of iced lattes and fancy meals, the plain ice bar brings back memories of simpler times. Set in 1960s Korea, Yeo In Gwang's debut film, Ice Bar, is a nostalgic throwback to the familiar family film genre. Eschewing the bells and whistles, the film evokes childhood yearnings, familial sentiments, and the quiet atmosphere of a bygone era that defined today's adult generation. Ice Bar stars Cha In Pyo's wife, Shin Ae Ra, who makes her film debut after 17 years of television work, and Park Ji Bin (Little Brother and Golden Apple), whose young age belies his on-screen maturity.

Young Rae (Park Ji Bin), a bright ten-year-old boy living in the countryside with his mother, is often teased by classmates for not having a father. One day, Young Rae discovers that his father whom he believed to be dead is actually living in Seoul. To raise money for the long train ride to Seoul, he sells ice bars on the street, ice bars that will bring him to his father.

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