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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

When the protagonist of Han Hyung Mo's 1956 masterpiece Madame Freedom opened herself to Western culture and started dating another man, it was enough to shock the country. Half a century has passed, and adultery has become a common enough occurrence to serve as the center of A Day For An Affair. The film focuses not on the act itself but why the women choose to cheat. Through chatting, Dew (Kim Hye Su, War of Flowers) and Little Bird (Yoon Jin Suh, Oldboy) try to find the answer to their needs: something a little more exciting than their everyday life. To pay back her cheating husband, Dew initiates relations with a young college student (Lee Min Ki, Spring of Dalja), while Little Bird finds company with a slightly older and very charming man. A young mother who married too young, she can't help wondering how life would be if things had worked out differently. Read More...

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