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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Fans of both Gundam and the popular Shinsangoku Musou (a.k.a. Dynasty Warriors) games should be excited over Gundam Musou. Jointly produced by Bandai and Koei, Gundam Musou combines both franchises into one action-packed, mech-busting game for the Playstation 3! Players can select from a variety of popular Gundams, from Amuro Ray's classic RX-78 to Federation and Zeon mechs from many popular Universal Century series. Story mode allows players to guide their chosen mech through deep storylines (complete with cutscenes and movies) which can be experienced from either side of the numerous Gundam conflicts. Gameplay is pure Shinsangoku Musou though, with players pitting their chosen Gundam versus hundreds, perhaps thousands of foes in full-on metal-smashing battlefield action. Decide the outcome of the One Year War in all-out, mech-brawling style with Gundam Musou! Read More...

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