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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Contrary to what one may gather from the title, Korea's latest romantic comedy Operation Makeover is not about changing appearances, but rather changing fates. Life is always full of "what ifs", and this film asks a simple question: what if you could go back in time to your first love? Knowing how things work out in the decade following, what would you do differently? First-time director Kim Chang Rae, who previously served as assistant director on the blockbuster Friend, spins a fun and interesting story in Operation Makeover (a.k.a. Project Makeover and Go Go Sister), topped with a hearty dose of 90s nostalgia. Actress Ko So Young (Apartment) and her younger counterpart Jo An (Holiday) present delightful portraits of the same woman at different ages. Backdropped by the music of popular 90s group DEUX, Operation Makeover revisits first love and reckless youth through a bumpy journey of romance and self-discovery. Read More...

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