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Monday, April 23, 2007

Everyone in the blogosphere dreams of having large amount of visitors who will frequently visit their blog. Comments from your visitors indicate your presence in the web. However, the success of a blog depends on how it is being handled by the blogger. Thanks to [SponsoredReviews.com] for sharing their “27+1 Tips for Building and Maintaining a Blog Audience. It really helped me a lot to discover my potentials and it reminded me of the essentials in building and maintaining a blog audience. Considering your niche, being original, working on your design, choosing the right platform for your blog, and choosing the right domain name, according to SR are the fundamentals in building and maintaining a blog audience. Yes, they are necessary because for you to be able to gain large amount of visitors, you must first of all love what you are doing and your interest must be very keen. You must also be familiar with your platform whether it is Blogger or Wordpress, having sufficient knowledge about your blogging platform is important. You must also choose the right theme or template for your blog and always remember that nice and clean ambiance is a must for readers. And if you are really serious about blogging, consider buying your own domain name which will fit your blog. To build your audience, being consistent is a key. Blogging daily or at least once a week will surely increase your traffic. However, blogs that are frequently updated are the ones who receive most traffic. Other tips mentioned by SR like picking the right topics, interacting to your visitors, checking your grammar, becoming a reliable source, staying informed, using an RSS feed, and finding the right balance in post length are too familiar to bloggers but mastering the art of tagging, offering Dig This and other social bookmarking options, digging yourself, and incorporating basic SEO principles may sound new to beginners but for professional bloggers, these are important. Although most blogging platforms offer tagging service, Technorati is still common to most blogs and incorporating popular tags to your post might convince a large number of visitors to visit your blog. Offering Dig This button and digging yourself, on the other hand, are crucial if you want to publicize your articles and encourage other bloggers to blog your own article. And if you really want your blog to stand out from the rest, SEO or search engine optimization is important. Submitting your blog to different search engines, learning the Meta tags, and knowing the basic SEO principles will surely boost the traffic of your blog. And finally, consider also promoting yourself to SponsoredReviews. Bloggers like me can write an article about your blog and who knows, you might be the next big thing in this industry. And if you already have your regular visitors, keeping them is a must. And now, it’s my turn to share my own tip:


If you are a beginner, of course only few people will recognize your blog like your friends and family. But if no one is reading your blog, never say die. Everyone in the blogosphere begins with nothing but as you grow old in blogging, many will recognize your blog as long as you incorporate these tips. Your success in blogging is the product of your passion and determination. Actually, blogging is not just about the money but it is about who you are. Happy blogging everyone!

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