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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mapado, one of the biggest surprises of 2005, featured a solid story, a few talented theater-trained actors, and especially five vicious grandmas. Two years later, we're back for a second serving, Mapado 2: All About the Hemp & Widows. After abandoning his detective roots, Chung Soo (Lee Moon Shik of Fly Daddy) embarks on a secret, potentially very remunerative mission: finding the first love of a dying tycoon, whose last desire is to see Kkotnim from Dongbaek Island. He does reach an island, but luck once again turns the other way: it's the grandmas, again! Chung Soo quickly finds out a few changes have emerged since the last time he was there: the often silent and introverted Mrs. Jeju has become a master of card games; the (self-appointed) Miss Mapado Mrs. Masan spends all day doing exercises in the yard, and there's even a new face. But then the surprise: Dongbaek is actually the old name of Mapado, so one of those six grandmas must be Kkotnim. And he's got to find out. If the grandmas will let him, that is. Read More...

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