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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Ju Mong is the name of the legendary founder of Goguryeo, King Dongmyeongseong. The story starts with the conflict between Gojoseon, an ancient Korean kingdom, and Han Chinese forces, eventually leading to a fragmented Korean Peninsula. Hero-in-the-making Ju Mong (Song Il Gook, Emperor of the Sea) is born in this time of chaos and struggle in the little independent state of Buyeo. He quickly finds himself the most unlikely of princes and the victim of a rivalry with his brother Dae So (Kim Seung Soo, A Million Roses). He is forced to choose between the boyish charm of young merchant So Seo No (Han Hye Jin, Be Strong, Geum Soon!) and the innocent smile of Bu Yeong (Im So Young), a servant he's known for years. Through dangerous trials and painful lessons of the heart, Ju Mong must rise to the occasion to unite the land and bring peace to his people. Read More...

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