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Monday, April 30, 2007

Advertising on [SELaplana] may cost $10.20 per click. Pinoy Bloggers like me are lucky because Bro. Sustines E. Laplana is giving away his space to us for free. The program which they called “Free Banner Advertisement For Pinoy Bloggers’ Blogs” started last April 20, 2007 and will end on December 30 2007. It’s a great opportunity for Filipino bloggers because it will not only teach us how to create our own 468x60 banner ad but also, it will help us gain visitors and backlinks to our blog. For you to be able to join, your blog must be listed in [Pinoy Bloggers Directory] to verify if your blog is really a Pinoy Blog. For more information, [click here]. Joining programs like this is really important for bloggers because backlinks and popularity are some of the factors that are important in Search Engine Optimization and Page Rank. Many thanks to Bro. Sustines E. Laplana for launching this program. On the other hand, I am wondering what convinced SELaplana to launch this kind of program because base on my own experience, advertisements on upper portion of your blog generates a lot of income and SELaplana is taking away this opportunity to give way to Pinoy Bloggers. By the way, here's the banner ad I created for my blog:

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