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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The classic RPG Final Fantasy III arrives on the Nintendo DS courtesy of gaming powerhouse Square/Enix. Originally released on the Famicom, FFIII is getting a full-blown DS release, complete with improved graphics, spruced-up gameplay, and new DS-only features. Now the entire game can be played with the DS stylus and touch screen! Old-school purists needn't worry: the D-pad and action buttons work here too. However, there's nothing old school about the graphics; the old 2-D sprite graphics are being updated to 3-D, with special effects employed when casting spells or summoning monsters. The job system from the original game has been retained, but with some tweaks to balance classes and enrich gameplay. Original composer Nobuo Uematsu returns to oversee the music, which features rearranged classic themes, as well as a new orchestral theme. As for the story, it's a classic tale full of twists, turns, and an epic scope. In short, it's everything you've come to expect from a Final Fantasy game! Read More...

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