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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Here in the Philippines, Agloco sounds like “nangloko” which literally means “to lie” or “to deceive.” It’s funny but yes, it’s true. When I tell people about Agloco, their first impression is that they are hesitant that a company like Agloco will pay people without putting anything on it. At first, I admit, I also have a doubt about Agloco but logically, as a publisher, it is possible that internet users can also have their shares from advertisers. If advertisers pay me cents per click and/or per impression, then why not give internet users like you your fair share? This is the reason why I joined Agloco but many people are still asking if Agloco is really true.

Asad Khalid said,

“Well i have some concerns about AGLOCO. Though i badly want this to work, but it seems too good to be true. I can also recruit people into joining Agloco as its free. But this is the thing that worries me. Its hard to believe that you’re going to be paid without ‘investing’ or putting something in it.”

AGLOCO Official said,
If being “too good” is our only problem, I think we’re in great shape!

Joking aside, seeming “too good to be true” is probably the number one reason people DON’T sign up for AGLOCO. It seems strange to “get something for nothing.” The truth is, you’re not getting something for nothing. You’re giving the Viewbar a small share of your computer monitor, which we (and apparently many advertisers) consider extremely valuable. You are also choosing us as your partner for commissions, referrals, and fees accumulated through everyday browsing. So, instead of some other middleman making this money, AGLOCO makes it. We win, you win, and the advertisers/companies win for getting your business.

Also, if you decide to refer other Members and build the community, you get more because YOU have built the community and provided it with its most valuable resource: more Members. By providing value to AGLOCO, we provide value back to you for your efforts.

So, essentially, AGLOCO doesn’t cost you any money to join, but you are “putting something in it” to reap the returns AGLOCO will provide you. If it’s worth it to share about 3/4-inch of your screen with the Viewbar and possibly to take the time and effort to build our network, you have earned every cent of your AGLOCO payout.

On the other hand, I am happy because after three days of joining Agloco, I already extended my network through my referral and my friends keep telling me their excitement about the Viewbar.

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