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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Discover the magic of Dongmakgol! Filmmaker Park Kwang Hyeon makes a stunning directorial debut with Welcome To Dongmakgol, a touching tale of war and peace. Gang Hye Jung won the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 43rd Daejong Awards for her performance in Welcome to Dongmakgol. During the Korean War, a platoon of North Korean soldiers are attacked with only Commander Lee (Jung Jae Young, from Someone Special), Private Jang (Im Ha Ryong, Arahan) and kid soldier Taek Ki (Ryoo Deok Hwan) surviving the carnage. After meeting a beautiful young girl named Yeo Il (Gang Hye Jung, from Old Boy), the soldiers follow her back to her village, an Eden-like place known as Dongmakgol. Read More...

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