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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Up-and-coming director Jo Eui Seok, who made a strong impression five years ago with debut feature Make It Big, breaks his silence with his sophomore film, the crime thriller World of Silence (a.k.a. The Missing Girl). Beautifully shot and tightly told, the suspenseful story pulls the viewer into a dangerous mind game between the police and a serial murderer. Lead Kim Sang Kyung is no stranger to crime drama, having portrayed a detective in the acclaimed Memories of Murder, but this time his mysterious character falls on the other side of the case. Park Yong Woo, fresh off the success of My Scary Girl, stars as a police officer who must race against the clock to save a young girl's life. The tense chemistry between the two men drives the film as the plot builds up to its gripping conclusion. Read More...

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