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Thursday, April 26, 2007

While searching GUrbi in Google, I discovered a review or should I say an acclaim by one of the Philippine’s Most Successful Blogger, Bro. Sustines E. Laplana:

But, I am also glad that Gurbi got part of the traffic that I was enjoying before. Just take a look at the stats of Gurbi’s blog. It’s an amazing success that Gurbi got… Anyway, Gurbi is a brother of mine in the Church of Christ(Iglesia Ni Cristo), and I’m happy that finally he’s on his way to blogging success… [source]

It’s flattering to hear those words from SELaplana. Actually, if there’s a person (aside from the support of my parents) that I should thank for my growing career in this industry, it’s none other than Bro. Sustines E. Laplana. I was following his blogging techniques since before and through him I learned how to make money online. He already bought personal belongings such as computer and motorcycle out of blogging. Despite his success, what I admire about this guy is his humbleness for he considers himself as Southern Leyte’s dumb blogger. But for me, he is The Best Filipino Blogger. Indeed, Bro. Sustines E. Laplana is an inspiration and I look forward to working with him very soon.

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